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Share the life process of mask packaging bags

Affected by the epidemic all over the world, medical masks must be worn in public places. The demand in society has increased, and the demand for corresponding mask packaging has increased. Masks are generally packaged in two ways, one is made into packaging bags, and the other is made into automatic packaging rolls. Tea packaging bags, composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags Automatic packaging film production process: design – plate making – printing – compounding – curing – slitting, the final bag making process is omitted, and it is directly in the form of film roll. Materials are single-layer surface printing and composite materials. The material selection and packaging method are formulated according to the masks. The disposable masks are multi-pass automatic packaging roll film, and the materials are selected from single-layer surface printing and ordinary composite materials to reduce costs. Other reusable n95 types use aluminized film and composite materials, and the appearance is clean and bright. food bags, food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags

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