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Six aspects of packaging bag customization service should be paid attention to

Recently, I have often encountered some inquiries from customers. There are also a variety of issues. Let’s summarize. About the bag size? Customer: I need a 500g food packaging bag, how much does it cost you? Answer: For 500g packaging bags, each customer may need different sizes. The specific size still needs to be provided by customers with certain length, width and other related dimensions. When we asked about the specific size, the customer would also say that the size is about the same, that is, 500g. Packaging bag information can be packaged a few centimeters larger or smaller, but there is still no standard answer for the specific size, so the packaging bag manufacturer cannot give you an accurate quotation. About the thickness of the packaging bag? Customer: I don’t know how thick it should be. Usually, what size do you use. At this time, we will recommend the relevant thickness, but it is no more than the relevant requirements of the customer. Of course, a thin thickness cannot be blindly required to save costs. It doesn’t need to be too thick or too thin, just appropriate, and customers need to have a certain understanding when ordering packaging bags. About packaging bag printing? Printing is one color and one version. And this customer is very ignorant of this. Why so much cost. Of course, this problem is also the first customer who produces printed packaging bags. Generally, customers who do not have printing require relevant copper plates for the first printing. Questions about stock? Our company has no relevant stock, and there are very few related packaging bags. Some customers who need hundreds or thousands of food packaging bags will also consult our customer service, or please help, saying that I just need this kind of packaging bags, can you send me more than 100 food packaging bags, and I will try to install them. . Of course, our company can distribute samples for free, but they are all related packaging bags customized by customers, and they are all printed with the other party’s relevant LOGO and other information, so we do not provide spot sales. 5. About the order quantity of packaging bags? When customers come to consult, we will ask how many quantities are needed, and some customers say that they need hundreds, or about a thousand. And leave the last sentence, we are the first batch of production, the amount is relatively small, we will increase a large amount later. For the MOQ, each manufacturer has certain regulations. A small amount of printing start-up costs and printing costs are too high. Generally, packaging bag manufacturers will not produce hundreds or more than a thousand packaging bags. About bag proofing? When proofing, it will cost thousands or thousands, because if there is a need to make a version, one color and one version. Plus the cost of proofing. The number of packaging bags that are sampled is about 100. The customer calculated carefully and said that a packaging bag cost a few dollars, or a dozen dollars. Is this a sky-high packaging bag? In fact, this is also the customer’s incomprehension of proofing. Proofing is actually the same as production, but it is made in small batches. The copper plate needs one that does not fall. When the packaging bag factory is printing, it needs to be turned on and adjusted. The bag making process cannot be less, and the loss and other aspects are also very large. Therefore, in general, our company does not recommend customer proofing.

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