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Small knowledge of aluminum foil bag customization

In order to let everyone better customize aluminum foil bags, today I will list the following aspects in detail about the customization of aluminum foil bags, and hope to help you a little. In the whole process of customizing aluminum foil bags, it is necessary to know which products are used for packaging. Different products may have different performance requirements. For example, aluminum foil bags for electronic equipment must be anti-static and anti-shielding. Food-related products must have features such as shading and anti-oxidation. The raw materials of food bags and food packaging bags have high purity of pure aluminum, and the aluminized film is mixed with polymer materials; in terms of cost, the price of pure aluminum is higher than that of the aluminized film; in terms of characteristics, pure aluminum is waterproof and temperature-reducing than aluminum-plated The film is good, the pure aluminum completely blocks the light, and the aluminized film blocks the actual effect of light; in terms of application, the pure aluminum bag is suitable for vacuum, vegetables, meat food, etc., and the aluminized film is suitable for tea, powder, electronic components, etc. Master the type of raw materials for customized aluminum foil bags. The raw materials used for aluminum foil bags are not necessarily the same, and the actual effect is different. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags, and aluminum foil bags are packaged and printed in specifications. Actually, let’s talk about the difference in characteristics of aluminum foil bags. Pure aluminum bags: pure aluminum raw materials, silver in appearance, glossy surface, and very textured Dumb aluminum bag: raw material of aluminized film, silver in appearance, dull surface, black surface, matte surface. Light aluminum bag: raw material of aluminized film, silver appearance, bright surface. Composite packaging bag, plastic packaging bag

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