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Small knowledge of printing aluminum foil packaging roll film

Aluminum foil packaging film is widely used because of its performance, food protection, keeping food antibacterial, dustproof, freshness, extending food storage period, convenient packaging for advertising applications. Tea packaging bag roll film refers to rolling up the packaging film, which requires one less process for the production enterprise than the finished bag, and the material is the same as that of the plastic packaging bag. The main advantage of composite packaging bag, plastic packaging bag roll film saves the cost of the entire packaging process. The application of roll film to automatic packaging machinery does not require packaging companies to perform any edge sealing work, and food companies can perform one-time edge sealing operations. Packaging companies only need to carry out printing operations, and the cost of supply and transportation in rolls is reduced. Food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags When the roll film appears, the whole process of plastic packaging is simplified into three steps of printing-transportation-packaging, which greatly simplifies the packaging process and reduces the cost of the entire industry. It is the first choice for small packaging. food bags, packaging bags

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