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Solid photosensitive resin plate management for mask packaging bags

1. It cannot be placed on the uneven contact surface; the surface sheet can be peeled off before the negative film is exposed; after peeling, if it is bent excessively, the protective layer will be wrinkled, and these wrinkles will leave stains after exposure to plate making. 2. The exposed plate of the mask packaging bag. Handle with care, use a piece of cardboard underneath to prevent bending. Lightly cover the top with the original surface sheet for protection. 3. The wet plate after the mask packaging bag is washed. Avoid touching the resin surface, otherwise a stain will form. When handling, avoid inhalation of volatile gases from the solvent. 4. The drying plate of the mask packaging bag. Place on a flat contact surface, let it cool, do not touch the resin layer, prevent sunlight or other ultraviolet light. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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