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Solution to uneven sealing of packaging bags – packaging bag printing

The problem mentioned today is the sealing problem. The phenomenon is that the sealing is not smooth and the sealing is deformed. Here we analyze the cause and solution of the incident. [Packaging bag printing] Uneven sealing means that the plastic packaging bag is not formed according to the specified shape, and the surface is distorted during the plastic sealing process, resulting in uneven shrinkage of the plastic bag during the sealing process. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag Why does this phenomenon occur during the sealing process of plastic bags? Several reasons are listed below: 1. During the compounding process of the plastic bag, the compound coil is heated unevenly or the bonding is uneven. 2. After the composite coil is placed in the curing room, it is not placed correctly, resulting in uneven hands of the coil, and the fixed speed varies greatly. 3. During the curing process of the composite coil, the inverted groove is too deep, the ejection method is incorrect, and the demolding slope is incorrect, etc., which may cause the plastic parts to be distorted. Cooldown time is not sufficient. In response to these situations, what measures should be taken to prevent and solve them? Several solutions are listed below: 1. During the compounding process, the temperature of the fuselage should be adjusted according to the product, so that the compounding is heated evenly. 2. The cooling process should be sufficient and not in a hurry. 3. Reselect the surface material film. 4. Grasp the curing time. 5. Pay attention to the bonding uniformity of the composite film.

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