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Solve Broken Bag Organ Foil Bags

Packaging manufacturers continue to improve the production and manufacturing automation technology process, and the requirements for bags will become more and more strict. There are two styles of organ aluminum foil bags, one is a middle-sealed organ, and the other is a four-sided sealing organ. How to solve the problem when customers apply organ foil bag damage. Laminated bags, plastic bags Benchmarks of mutual processing: eight-side sealing, in addition, there are many other types of organ foil bags, flat-mouth organ bags and eight-side sealing organ foil bags. Among the many bag types, the middle-sealed organ aluminum foil bag must be larger than the three-side sealed type, which can control the cost and is favored by consumers. 1. Reasons for bag breaking There will be four layers of film that must be heat-sealed, and there will be a stepped work transfer edge. While heat-sealed abrasives are based on a level surface, sometimes the organ foil bag is cut here. We have come up with a solution to the problem of bag breakage at the junction of horizontal sealing and octagonal sealing. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags Second, broken bag solutions to improve raw material procurement, improve its process performance with raw materials, such as choosing anti-brittleness, tensile strength, wrinkle resistance, softness, ductility, Physical and physical properties of raw materials, reducing the probability of damage to the eight-side sealing line during the production process. Or increase the thickness of raw materials to improve. It is also possible to apply super glue with good ductility, wrinkle resistance, break resistance and knead resistance. Improve the structure of raw materials. Organ aluminum foil bags generally choose BOPP/CPP, PET/PE, BOPP/PE, NY/PE, PET/AL/PE, NY/AL/PE, PET/NY/PE and other structures. When a certain structure is relatively When it is relatively weak, the dismantling process performance is higher than that of high-quality materials to replace, or the number of solid layers is increased to improve the compressive strength. Considering fully the physical properties such as fabric folding resistance and mechanical equipment tensile properties, NY is stronger than PET, and PET is stronger than BOPP. Naturally, if NY is used instead of PET, it will increase the cost. Increase the number of solid layers to improve the raw material properties of the organ foil bag. food bags, food packaging bags

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