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Solve the problem of self-supporting aluminum foil bag zipper production

Product packaging is constantly updated, and ideas and aesthetics are also constantly innovating and progressing. Then the traditional and simple packaging bag type meets the market needs, and various new bag types appear, such as special-shaped bags, aluminum foil bags, self-supporting zipper bags and so on. Very popular in the market, especially self-supporting foil bags. Plastic packaging bags In fact, there are many problems in the production flow of self-supporting aluminum foil bags, requiring employees to be experienced and careful. Experiences include: unevenness, poor symmetry problems, flatness and symmetry are all indicators of the shape and quality of the packaging bag. The flatness of the self-supporting aluminum foil bag is not only related to the selection of manufacturing materials, but also related to factors such as heat sealing temperature, pressure, time, and the actual effect of refrigeration. It will cause the bag to be disturbed and deformed, which will endanger the molding; it will lead to insufficient shape of the packaging bag after heat sealing, resulting in wrinkles. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags The problem of poor symmetry of self-supporting aluminum foil bags, the poor symmetry not only harms the appearance, but also harms the sealing. When manufacturing food packaging and printing, we must pay attention to the tension control of the bottom material, which leads to the change of the bottom end or the incompatibility of the supporting force, resulting in wrinkles. food bags, food packaging bags

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