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Solvent-free composite process of high temperature cooking bag

High-temperature cooking bags are a major category of food packaging. The high-temperature cooking series, especially some of their own characteristics, are widely accepted by users. Today, YLTpacking plastic bags will introduce to you that YLTpacking utilizes the most advanced solvent-free composite technology in composite manufacturing of high-temperature cooking. Some of the process points used in the process: 1. Printing control before compounding A. The amount of color ink and curing agent should be appropriate when printing high-temperature cooking solvent-free compound products. According to the reference ratio given by the ink factory when providing the ink, at the same time, we should do a small test before use. If the amount of curing agent is too small, the degree of cross-linking between the curing agent and the resin is low, and the adhesion strength of the ink layer, heat resistance and heat resistance are low. If the curing agent is too much, excessive cross-linking will occur, affecting the crystallization and micro-phase separation between polymers, the cohesion of the adhesive layer will increase, the ink layer will shrink excessively, causing delamination, and also It will cause more operational problems, such as the bag will become hard after compounding. B. The printing film should be fully cured before compounding. The high temperature cooking solvent-free glue layer may react with the ink layer, resulting in insufficient cross-linking and curing of the ink, and delamination with the film in the subsequent cooking. Therefore, the printing film should be fully cured before compounding. C. Avoid mixing different series of inks. D. Control the use of old ink. 2. Composite control A. Solvent-free adhesive for high temperature cooking should be selected with good medium resistance (heat resistance, freezing, acid, alkali, salt, oil, spicy, etc.) and non-toxic, no odor, and good hygiene and safety. . In fact, high-temperature cooking bags have always been a difficult point in the field of solvent-free composites. To successfully realize solvent-free composite technology for high-temperature cooking bags, the most important thing is to use solvent-free composite glue that can be used in high-temperature cooking bags. B. The proportion of glue components should be reasonable during high temperature cooking and solvent-free compounding. Although the glue manufacturer will give a glue ratio, it is often an approximate or theoretical ratio. In order to achieve a good composite effect, we must carry out experimental verification to find a ratio that matches other materials and environments, that is, It is necessary to ensure that the crosslinking between the curing agent and the resin is sufficient without excessive crosslinking, so as to avoid delamination and high temperature cooking. C. Compared with ordinary products, solvent-free composites with high temperature resistance should pay attention to ensure uniform mixing and avoid local excessive cross-linking curing and low local cross-linking, which may lead to high-temperature cooking and stratification. Second, pay attention to glue, mixing The temperature of the gluer and the glue roller can keep the glue at a suitable viscosity and ensure the glue amount during the compounding process. 3. Compared with ordinary solvent-free compound low-temperature and normal-temperature curing, high-temperature cooking solvent-free compound should pay special attention to the process design and management of the curing process, and the curing temperature and time should be reasonably designed to ensure sufficient curing. Some of our experimental operations Personnel, for the previous test of a solvent-free glue, it is recommended that the curing temperature should be above 55 °C, and the curing time should be extended to more than 96 hours. The door of the curing room should not be opened and closed frequently. After the specified time, it is fully matured at one time and then taken out. According to operating experience, if a product cannot be fully cured at one time, the peeling force of secondary curing is much worse than that of primary curing, and it is also easy to delaminate and cause delamination in high-temperature cooking. To sum up, the production process of high temperature retort bags is relatively difficult. After years of production experience, YLTpacking plastic bags have summed up a very mature production method. The reason for the long-term cooperation of the brand. At the same time, users and friends are very welcome to visit the factory and discuss cooperation.

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