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Some common problems of custom food packaging bags

It is believed that different food packaging bag manufacturers will have their own characteristics in the production, such as the production methods and production procedures of packaging bags. According to the specific actual situation of different manufacturers, the procedures for customizing food packaging bags will also be different. Be sure to ask clearly before ordering, and both parties can implement production through an agreement to ensure that everything is safe. When we inquire about the price of food packaging bags to the actual implementation of the minimum order packaging bags, we always encounter various problems. Let’s analyze the following problems and hope to help everyone. Here are some requirements for our customized packaging bags. First, for the quantity of food packaging bags 1. Minimum order quantity: Since we are a manufacturer here, the more the quantity, the more favorable the price. For a small amount of products, our company’s minimum order is generally determined according to the size, and the minimum order is about 30,000 to 50,000. 2. The correctness of the quantity: General food packaging bag manufacturers cannot guarantee that the order is completely consistent with the quantity set by the customer. According to the standards of the industry, it is normal for the quantity to have errors, and the loss during the production process will be calculated at 10%. Second, about the color customization of printing Regarding the printing color, we hope that the customer can provide the paper sample or bag sample in the required standard color, and it is best to provide the sample drawing or the packaging bag that has been done before. Printing means making a copper plate, usually one copper plate and one color. Regarding the cost of the bronze plate, it is about 500 yuan for a bronze medal, in other words; it is 500 yuan for a color, which is an additional cost. Third, the introduction of products 1. The types displayed on our website include eight-side sealing bags, food packaging bags, boiled bags, vacuum bags, cooking bags, composite packaging, packaging roll film and so on. Our products are made to order, so we do not have a catalog of standard styles. 2. Our packaging bag sample samples can be mailed to customers for free, but the postage is paid on delivery, and the cost of plate printing is also paid by the customer, and the specific cost is determined according to specific requirements. Fourth, for the price list and quotation, our company calculates according to the customer’s specified specifications, materials used, batches, printing requirements and other conditions, so we do not have a price list for standard styles. The product is accepted by the customer, confirmed by both parties, and the contract is signed before it is put into production, so that everyone can understand and quickly put it into production. By the way, remember to choose YLTpacking when making bags, you will be satisfied!

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