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Some details of biodegradable plastic bags

For biodegradable plastic bags and food bags, because the packaging composite plastic packaging film has excellent color printing suitability, the packaging design of its market sales products has a strange adverse effect on attracting consumers and promoting tea sales. Gas isolation function, moisture-proof and waterproof. Data is categorized as follows: LaserspetFilm, laser thermal transfer paper data, paper composite data, aluminum composite data, plastic composite data, textile composite data, etc. Data is categorized as follows: LaserspetFilm, rare earth paper data, laser thermal transfer paper data, paper composite data, aluminum composite material data, plastic composite material data, textile composite material data, etc. The differentiated characteristics of composite materials enhance air permeability, air permeability, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, insect resistance, stain resistance and microorganism resistance, light resistance, odor and odor of packaging products. It is very useful in terms of impact toughness, temperature resistance, cold resistance and production and processing functions, has excellent damage, and has excellent decorative design and packaging and printing actual effects. The wrapping paper is also very different. This is also food grade stainless steel kraft paper bag. Wrapping paper food is basically a feature of all wood pulp manufacturing.Introduction of Certain Biodegradable Plastic Bags: Wide Size Models700mm,long1.2mmachinery equipment bag. The blank is well-proportioned and neat, and the embossing is clear and beautiful. The bulk packaging bag is a vacuum pump imaginary. Features, excellent sealing function, high oxygen permeability isolation, moisture absorption and air permeability, extremely low moisture, high anti-electromagnetic radiation function, corrosion resistance, anti-fouling principle, high imitation engineering blasting function, anti-puncture, resilience, Heat-resistant and ultra-low temperature, elegant and easy-to-use appearance. Applicable to all kinds of powder, nuts, tea leaves, food crops, chemical raw materials, casual snacks, electronic components, etc. [All social and moral guarantees are made of new food-grade stainless steel raw materials, verified by food quality and safety commercial insurance, and can be installed into food packaging bags. Compressive strength, compressive strength, wear resistance.Packaging and printing: Use fast computer printing equipment to ensure the accuracy of printing, and the actual effect is comparable to digital photos. According to the customer’s work experience, we provide customers with humanized services. The packaging products are made of aluminum platinum or vacuum pump plastic film raw materials. The aluminum-platinum composite food bag is made of metal aluminum, the metal material is compounded with isolation function, and the plastic film is easy to use. Basically, the regulations for maintaining the fragrance of tea leaves are met. Composite film bags are packaged in a variety of ways, with three sealing lips, retractable profiles, and self-breaking.

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