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some flexible packaging”small action”.

In the food industry, everyone takes food itself as the main research object, and companies often spend a large part of their funds on the research and development of new products.Of course it is very necessary in this regard,After all, today’s serious homogenization,Good products that can make consumers feel fresh is the key to winning. But today we’re not talking about things in themselves,It’s about the coat of the product,Those in food packaging that can attract the attention of the product”small action “.single color minimalistvery colorful “Now the products on the display racks are full of different colors. ,Consumers don’t even know which product to choose ,Especially for those who have no fixed consumption goals,apart from the price,What determines buying behavior is the attractiveness of packaging.”Zhu Yongming, design director of Xiamen Dongchen Vision Culture Communication Co., Ltd.,With the improvement of people’s living standards,Exquisite and creative packaging has become an aspect of the company’s secret rivalryNowadays, most food packaging is mainly in two or three colors.,And the colors are mostly desaturated,Interpenetration of several colors ,Then match with eye-catching text or cartoon patterns,Just show the product intuitively,Nothing new. Such a design is for today’s consumers,In fact, it has already formed visual fatigue.So bold use of color is likely to be the key to making the product stand out. e.g. using a single color,White is the most commonly used,Sour angle cake like cat duo li is one of the typical ones ,Packaged in a white plastic zipper bag,With a simple black advertising slogan,Simple yet tasteful.And the packaging that mixes and matches a variety of colors is generally done well by foreign brands,It’s not as simple as using three or four colors ,There may be nearly ten ,Staggered together to form a strong visual impact.Both approaches are extremes in the use of color ,oneThere are a variety of polar tubes, but compared with the common color matching among the public, their use can quickly attract consumers’ attention and increase the purchase rate.Partially transparent stereoscopicSometimes we will see some packaging bags are partially transparent ,Being able to see what the product in the bag really looks like ,And the transparent part can be properly matched with the pattern on the package ,form3Dthree-dimensional effect,Transparent parts are usually cartoon mouths, eyes, or bodies. This kind of packaging is because you can see the real product,So it will give confidence to consumers who want to try to buy ,Greatly increased the purchase rate of the product. “Today’s Image Technology,Consumers are terrified ,The pattern is so pretty, but after unpacking it doesn’t look like the pattern,Decreased product satisfaction,It also affects the repeat purchase rate of the product.”Shen Jianwei, general manager of Jianjiang Haining Xiyang Xipu, said.A word that often appears on packaging: “The product shall prevail in kind”,Some businesses will take advantage of the loopholes in this sentence,In the business of deceiving consumers,Especially vacuum packaging products

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