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Special-shaped aluminum foil bag characteristics

Special-shaped aluminum foil bags generally refer to plastic-steel composite plastic packaging bags. Special-shaped aluminum foil bags are suitable for large and medium-sized precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Waterproof, shading, and vacuum packaging bags. Food bags, food packaging bags and vacuum packaging bags are mostly made of four-layer structure, which has excellent waterproof, fireproof and oxygen barrier functions. There are no restrictions on special-shaped aluminum foil bags, and bags of different specifications, models and styles can be customized to make flat bags, stand-up bags, eight-side sealing bags and other styles. Special-shaped aluminum foil bag features: strong gas isolation, anti-oxidation, moisture-proof, waterproof. Strong physical properties, high resistance to engineering blasting, and strong resilience to puncture. Heat resistance (121°C), cold resistance (-50°C), acid and alkali resistance, and good fragrance retention. Non-toxic and odorless, in line with the quality standards of food and drug packaging design. Good heat sealing properties, flexibility and high barrier properties. Tea packaging bags, composite packaging bags, plastic packaging bags

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