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“Special-shaped packaging bags” What points should be paid attention to when choosing special-shaped bags?

When choosing special-shaped bags, we should pay attention to the following 4 points: 1. Shaped bags should be odorless when they leave the factory. For safety reasons, some special-shaped bags with special taste should not be used for film packaging. 2. The outer packaging of special-shaped bags must indicate the name, address and manufacturer of the product in Chinese. After the product leaves the factory, it should be written with a product inspection certificate. 3. This special-shaped packaging bag is not easy to degrade and will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, when purchasing food, it is quite effective to use green packaging materials. 4. In the current packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful and corrosion-resistant, materials with plating are usually used. This not only brings difficulties to the large-scale recycling and reuse of materials after the end of life of the product, but also most of the paint itself is toxic. If everyone eats these packaged foods, it will more or less cause harm to their bodies and minds. Therefore, uncoated or uncoated packaging materials should be selected as much as possible. The above is all about “what points should be paid attention to when choosing special-shaped packaging bags?”

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