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Spout pouch material requirements and functions

Spout pouch material requirements and functions

The Spout pouch refers to the self-reliance bags, bags with suction nozzle can be closed and reopened again.Can be thought of as self-supporting bag with normal suction nozzle plus the combination of the packet.Adopts the new printing process, highlight the pattern design and brand effect, which could make the shelves of high-grade products more outstanding and with different effect. 

In general the Spout pouch require high strength, impact resistance, crack resistance, good barrier property, good rigidity can stand, stress cracking resistance and good sealing.The Spout pouch is commonly used for liquid’s and powder’s packaging, so for the structure of design, general design structure has the following requirements. 

Wholesale aluminium foil stand up spout pouch for liquid manufacturer


Stereo: BOPA/strengthen BOPP/LLDPE; Bottom: BOPA/LLDPE 

Stereo: PET/BOPA/strengthen BOPP/LLDPE; The bottom; BOPA/LLDPE 

 General Spout pouch requires good barrier property structure, with a little big materials, and the bottom asks good softness to facilitate processing.Using BOPP material can increase the mechanical strength and strengthen material blocking performance. Also use PET is to improve the water resistance and mechanical strength. 

 Spout pouch for food plays an important role on reuse (open and closed again), the function of it is equivalent to the bottle, but consider such as transportation, cost, weight and more advantages in the bottle.So more and more get of consumer love. 

    Our company is specialized in the production of liquid Spout pouch, laundry detergent Spout pouch, powder Spout pouch.Up to ten colors printing, which could customized according to customer requirements. 


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