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Stand up pouch supplier vertical bag manufacturing process.

With the development of the social economy, more and more manufacturers have begun to use stand up pouches because of their good sealing and low purchase cost. The use of stand up pouches has greatly changed the way products are displayed and sold in retail stores. Hence, as a professional stand up, pouch supplier suggests that you might try to understand the stand up pouch manufacturing process before purchasing.
1. The first thing to understand about stand up pouches is that they are laminated, usually made of plastic or a mixture of plastic film and aluminium foil. They can be made into various shapes and choose various colours, patterns and logos, which is why stand up pouches can greatly change the retail display and sales of products. Although the vertical bag styles, the production process has many places.
2. The vertical bag is made of a continuous mesh of material, and when the material passes through a set of rakes, the rakes fold the angle plate to the bottom so it can stand. If there is a zipper in the package, seal it on the front edge of the inside surface of the bag; if it is of another type, it will also provide suction, perforations, or other openings that can be resealed.
3. When the corner plate supports the bottom, it first need to be vertically sealed along the side of the bag, if it is a zipper-type vertical bag, the zipper will be pushed to the same area to seal the end and reduce the density; Next, the bottom of the bag is pleated, and the seal is fixed at both ends with the angle plate; finally, the bag is cut vertically through the center of the side seal to form a container part of the bag.
4. After completing the above steps, the bag will be filled and sealed with the product, or the bag will be directly packaged and delivered to the customer’s company through logistics to fill, pack and seal the vertical bag. The incision will generally cut into both sides of the top seal on one side of the end user to open. The permit holder shall, no later than one month
stand up pouch are best for snacks (either in dry or liquid form) or for everyday items (such as salt, sugar, or liquid cleaners) . I hope the above vertical bag manufacturing process can be of great help to your purchase and use experience

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