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steps for the correct use of food vacuum packaging bags? YLTpacking food packaging bag manufacturers

The previous editor YLTpacking has been explaining some small knowledge points about food packaging bags to you. Today, we will focus on the vacuum bags to tell you how to use the vacuum packaging bags correctly. Regarding this topic, I believe that many netizens may be eager to take a look and discuss it together. The following YLTpacking packaging will tell you: Step 1: First, we will spread the vacuum packaging bag, and then observe the structure on the plastic bag, then you will easily find the button box of the compression bag, then gently Open the button box, put the button cover aside, try to keep it within your sight, and don’t throw it away. After rolling out, let’s continue to watch the second step. Step 2: Then fold the items that need to be packed, and then put them into the four corners of the vacuum plastic bag one after another. The purpose of this is to prevent no items in the corners, so that the bag will be empty, and a lot of storage items will be wasted. space, and then place it in the middle, it must be in order, and must not be placed in random, so that it will be very unsightly after compression. Step 3: Secondly, we can put all the items in, and then seal the plastic bag with a tablet. This step cannot be omitted or underestimated, otherwise there will be air leakage. In order to prevent air leakage, you should step on it with your feet. , to see if there is any air leakage. This will prevent the food from spoiling or the vacuum not being drawn out. Step 4: After that, we can manually screw the vacuum pump with a circle of threads on it, and then screw it on, so that the two items are seamlessly combined. This can not only prevent vacuum leakage, but also play a better role in protection and evacuation. Step 5: Finally, we can twitch up and down, and then we will see that the vacuum plastic bag is slowly deflated, and finally the inner wall of the plastic bag is tightly attached to the item, and then the lid is screwed on, and the compression is completed. This method and steps believe that you should be able to understand it after reading it. If you don’t understand anything, you can consult the editor of YLTpacking.

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