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Steps of appearance quality inspection of tea packaging bags and food packaging bags

(1) Functional inspection: the first step is to inspect 1. Size measurement… the size of each part of the bag is 2. Edge sealing force test – whether the edge is strong enough=if there is a single deviation, what is the scope of the deviation? 3 Sealing/cutting integrity inspection R machine (stretching and measuring emulsion by explosion=leveling, with beveled edge or not) Clamping machine (whether there is glue on the palm meeting the requirements, whether there is sealing): whether the coffee material of the flat bag machine is folded back): folding (whether the pressing teeth are strong enough, whether the pearlescent film is silver, (2) Appearance inspection: the second step inspection 1. Bag cutting defects: whether there are big and small edges, 2. folding Slitting type defects: press yes=whether the wrong rough cutting edge is damaged, etc. 3. Compound type defects • Whether the electronic surface is free from scratch, whether the pressing teeth are hairy, whether the folding material is scratched, wrinkled, and whether the flash is flying. 4. Printing defects • Whether the electronic surface is printed f, 3 off, bubble, crystal point ® Wrinkle, glue, etc. 1. Whether the outside of the bag is clean and meets the normal sanitary requirements. 2. Whether there is dirt in the bag, such as black spots, sundries, oil stains, hair, sharp tools, etc. 3. The label and sample shall be consistent with the product, and the payment shall not be mixed. The packing shall meet the production requirements

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