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Storage period analysis of food bags

Outer packaging is the foundation of food, and it is also the most important part of protection. It carries food label information and protects food from contamination. The food bag custom factory provides a hygienic inspection report, which contains safety and hygiene information. The most important information is the storage period. It cannot be used beyond the period, and there is no safety at all. Composite packaging bags Materials such as plastic and aluminum foil are in motion, and will change and age with the passage of time. The storage environment is also strictly required, and the environment will affect the performance. The storage period of food bags is stipulated in the national standard. Aluminum foil bags Many food bags are composite bags. What if the shelf life of the food exceeds one year, most of them cannot be eaten after the shelf life, and most of them are still used after the shelf life. After the food bag is sealed, the inner film is well preserved, and its service life is longer than that of the packaged food. Plastic packaging bags Use reminder: The product is stored in a clean, dry, ventilated room with a suitable temperature, avoiding sunlight, not less than 1m from the heat source, stacking reasonably, and the food bag will be kept for one year from the date of production.

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