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Summary of bag types of food packaging bags

Food packaging bags In the previous article “The Benefits of Using Food Packaging Bags”, the variety of food packaging bags is also one of its benefits. So what are the bag types of food packaging bags? This is this article. Let’s talk about the knowledge points. There are many types of food packaging bags, which are summarized as follows: three-side sealing food packaging bags, food suction nozzle bags, food square bottom bags, food organ bags, food stand-up bags, food zipper bags, food middle sealing bags, side organ bags Bags, special-shaped food bags, food packaging roll film, etc. The following is a detailed introduction to several common packaging bags. The following figure shows the bag type diagram. Three-side sealing food packaging bag: refers to a packaging bag that is sealed on three sides and left unsealed. This is also the most basic and most common food packaging bag, which can generally be expanded to three-side sealed food zipper bags, three-side sealed yin-yang bags, etc., and has a wide range of uses. Food organ bags: Food organ bags are further divided into middle-sealed organ bags and side organ bags. The middle-sealed organ bag is also a very common type of packaging bag, such as a small tea bag, that is, an independent tea packaging bag. The commonly used structure is the middle-sealed organ bag. Food stand-up bag: Food stand-up bag refers to a packaging bag that can stand independently on the container. It has a strong decorative effect and can generally be expanded into a food stand-up zipper bag, a food suction nozzle bag, etc., and the scope of use is also very wide. Food square bottom bag: It is a relatively new type of food packaging bag, and its price is relatively expensive, but because it can be independent of the container, and the product is also unique, so now some high-end foods use food square bottom bags. more. Food packaging roll film: generally for customers with independent packaging machines, only printing, compounding and other steps are required, and no slitting is required. Food packaging rolls are more common with water labels. Special-shaped food bag: Special-shaped food bag refers to an unconventional structure, which is customized according to customer requirements. Our company also provides professional customization of food packaging bags. The above are the common bag types of food packaging bags. The bag types are different, and the price will also be different. Therefore, during the ordering process, customers need to talk to the food packaging bag manufacturer in advance.

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