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Components of Aluminum Foil Bags: What Makes Them Unique?

Aluminum foil bags are known for their high-quality, protective properties, making them popular in various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. But what exactly are the components that make up these versatile packaging solutions? In this post, we’ll explore the materials used in the construction of aluminum foil bags. Aluminum Foil Layer At the […]

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YLTpacking Packaging: Antistatic Properties of Aluminum Foil Bags

The aluminum foil bag has made a very great contribution in the packaging of meat products and oily food because it has very good packaging parameters compared with other packaging bags. Aluminum foil packaging bag has anti-static properties, so it is also called anti-static bag. The anti-static effect of aluminum foil bag depends on its […]

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YLTpacking packaging: what should I do if the aluminum foil bags sterilization suddenly fails?

On the one hand, the adhesive should consider the influence of different substrates, such as differences in internal stress, different thermophysical changes, and differences in surface conditions, on the bonding; of destruction. Therefore, confirming the source of bonding failure and selecting the appropriate bonding body and composite structure according to the greatest risk points can […]

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What is the difference between aluminized bags and aluminum foil bags?

Aluminum-plated bags can also be called moisture-proof bags. Aluminum-plated bags have the functions of anti-static, anti-magnetic field interference and moisture-proof. Although aluminized bags will pass some light, they can also play a certain role in avoiding light, which is more suitable for electronics. Packaging of industrial products.How to distinguish the difference between aluminized bags and […]

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Why do aluminum foil bags often use a four-layer structure?

Aluminum foil packaging bagSometimes the aluminum foil packaging bag does not have only one layer of aluminum foil. Generally, it is a packaging bag composed of a variety of materials, with different sizes and thicknesses, depending on the product to be packaged.Generally, the outermost layer of the aluminum foil bag is made of nylon material. […]

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Knowledge popularization—-How much do you know about aluminum foil bags?

product categoryAluminum foil bag is also called pure aluminum bag or aluminized bagMaterial:PET/AL/NY/PE(General Packaging) PET/AL/NY/CPP(steaming at high temperature)thickness:70~180Micron bag shape: three-side seal, self-supporting zipper bag, yin and yang bagcharacteristic:PET——The printing effect is good,NY——low oxygen permeability,AL——Strong barrier, opaque,PE——Ordinary packaging inner layer,CPP——High temperature cooking inner layerFood aluminum foil bags, medicinal aluminum foil bags, military aluminum foil bags, […]

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The difference between pure aluminum foil bags and aluminum foil bags & The method of identification

What is the difference between the pure aluminum foil bags and aluminum foil bags? The difference between pure aluminum foil bags and aluminum foil bags     Today we will share with you the pure aluminum foil bag and aluminum foil bag and the different methods for identifying both. There have the pure aluminum foil […]

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Brief introduction of aluminum foil bags

Brief introduction of aluminum foil bagThe material of aluminum foil bag is generallyNYPA/CPEorPET/NYPA/CPEAppearance: opaque, silver-white, reflective, with anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference function, good moisture resistance, high transparency, low (oxygen) permeability, good light-proof, high resistance, low temperature resistance, resistance It has the characteristics of strong corrosion, high tensile strength and puncture resistance, high barrier strength, easy heat […]