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Experience the Power of Green Recyclable Packaging Bags

1. Introduction In the context of growing environmental consciousness, going green is the call of the hour. Green Recyclable Packaging Bags offer a compelling solution, serving both functional and sustainable goals. 2. Understanding Green Packaging Green packaging involves the use of materials and manufacturing processes that have minimal impact on energy consumption and the environment. […]

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How to detect the appearance of packaging bags?

Visual inspection of the appearance including the flatness of the composite bag, transparency checks, etc. It is mainly used to detect whether there are obvious scratches and pinholes in the composite bag, whether there is pollution at the seal, etc.. The visual inspection method is as follows:①”bag surface brushed”inspection. Place the compound bag in the […]

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Unraveling the Mystery of Static Electricity in Packaging Bags Printing

Introduction Static electricity can be a persistent issue in the printing process of packaging bags. This article aims to explore the causes of static electricity in packaging bags printing and provide effective strategies for its elimination. As a B2B customer in the packaging industry, understanding and resolving static electricity issues can significantly improve printing quality […]

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Reduce the odor of packaging bags

For compliance with production control, the most important thing is to take measures to control the following odors that have the greatest impact: printing, solvent residues in compounding, resin decomposition and additive precipitation.Reason 1 for the peculiar smell of packaging bags: control of residual solvents① Printing substrate. Different printing substrates have different adsorption capacities for […]

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Introduction of Aseptic Packaging Bags

Aseptic packagingAseptic packaging bag technology, a packaging technology for filling and sealing in a sterile environment. Aseptic packaging bags were born in the last century40age, applied to60years, developed in70years, to90In the middle of the 1990s, dozens of foreign manufacturers have produced variousA company that produces aseptic packaging equipment. At present, the liquid food packaging in […]

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Advantages, disadvantages and rapid development of aseptic packaging bags

Advantages and disadvantages of aseptic packaging bagsAseptic packaging is a modern packaging technology that fills sterile or pre-sterilized products into sterile containers and seals them under sterile environmental conditions.As long as the following three conditions are met, it is an aseptic packaging system: a.Pre-sterilize food b.Sterilize packaging containersc.Sterilize the charging and sealing environmentAdvantages of aseptic […]