What are the types of flexible packaging bags

What are the types of flexible packaging bags?

Types of Flexible Packaging Bags Bag Type Features Applications Stand-Up Pouches Zipper closures, spouts, handles Food, beverage, pet food industries Flat Pouches Three-side seal, four-side seal Snacks, pharmaceuticals, personal care products Gusseted Bags Expandable sides for bulky items Agriculture, industrial, retail packaging Retort Pouches Heat processing, extended shelf life Ready-to-eat meals, soups, sauces Vacuum Bags […]

What is the manufacturing process of flexible packaging bags

What is the manufacturing process of flexible packaging bags?

Introduction to Flexible Packaging Bags Manufacturing Benefits Description Versatility Suitable for various products, including food, pharmaceuticals, and personal care items. Convenience Offers easy storage, handling, and dispensing for consumers. Protection Provides protection against moisture, oxygen, and contamination. Sustainability Offers eco-friendly options such as recyclable and compostable materials. At ShenZhen YongLianTai(YLTpacking) Plastic Bag Co.,Ltd, we are […]


What is meant by printing and packaging bags technology?

Introduction to Printing and Packaging Bag Technology In today’s fast-paced market, printing and packaging bag technology stands as a cornerstone, shaping how products are presented, protected, and preserved. This technology, crucial in industries like food, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals, integrates advanced printing methods with diverse packaging formats to meet varying needs. Key Aspects of Printing […]

How to improve packaging bags printing-3

How to improve packaging bags printing?

Introduction Key Focus Details Importance Emphasizing the role of food composite packaging in food freshness and consumer attraction. Article Purpose Sharing methods to improve food composite packaging bag printing quality. In the ever-evolving world of food marketing and preservation, the role of food composite packaging is indispensable. It’s not just a barrier against spoilage but […]

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Unraveling the Mystery of Static Electricity in Packaging Bags Printing

Introduction Static electricity can be a persistent issue in the printing process of packaging bags. This article aims to explore the causes of static electricity in packaging bags printing and provide effective strategies for its elimination. As a B2B customer in the packaging industry, understanding and resolving static electricity issues can significantly improve printing quality […]

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Introduction of Aseptic Packaging Bags

Aseptic packagingAseptic packaging bag technology, a packaging technology for filling and sealing in a sterile environment. Aseptic packaging bags were born in the last century40age, applied to60years, developed in70years, to90In the middle of the 1990s, dozens of foreign manufacturers have produced variousA company that produces aseptic packaging equipment. At present, the liquid food packaging in […]

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Advantages, disadvantages and rapid development of aseptic packaging bags

Advantages and disadvantages of aseptic packaging bagsAseptic packaging is a modern packaging technology that fills sterile or pre-sterilized products into sterile containers and seals them under sterile environmental conditions.As long as the following three conditions are met, it is an aseptic packaging system: a.Pre-sterilize food b.Sterilize packaging containersc.Sterilize the charging and sealing environmentAdvantages of aseptic […]

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Aseptic packaging bags container sterilization methods

Aseptic packaging bags container sterilization methods Aseptic packaging bags sterilization method mainly has four ways: heat sterilization, sterilization, sterilization by ultraviolet radiation, radiation sterilization. Heat sterilization With a temperature of 130 ℃ ~ 160 ℃ superheated steam injection in sterilizing packaging container, in a few seconds to complete sterilization operation. Heating sterilization has the advantages of non-toxic, no residue of harmful […]

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Innovative Powder Packaging Bags for Daily Necessities

The packaging landscape for daily necessities, such as washing powder, has evolved significantly to meet both functional and sustainability demands. Powder packaging bags have emerged as a versatile solution to preserve product quality, convenience, and environmental considerations. This article explores the innovation behind washing powder packaging bags and their impact on everyday life. Modernizing Daily […]