The Art of Packaging: Assembling Nuts Snack Pouches with Zipper Bags

Material Advantages Polyethylene (PE) Moisture resistant, flexible, and cost-effective Polypropylene (PP) High clarity, good resistance to moisture and oxygen Polyester (PET) Excellent barrier against oxygen and light, strong Aluminum Foil Provides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, and moisture, extends shelf life Nylon High strength, good barrier properties, and puncture resistance Biodegradable PLA Eco-friendly, compostable, […]


The Guide of Side Sealing Zipper Bags Manufacturing Progress

Explore the intricate world of packaging with “The Guide of Side Sealing Zipper Bags Manufacturing Progress,” a comprehensive video by ShenZhen YongLianTai (YLT) Packaging Bag Co., Ltd. This exclusive guide walks you through the detailed process of manufacturing Side Sealing Zipper Bags, known for their durability, convenience, and quality. In-Depth Manufacturing Insights: High-Quality Material Selection: […]