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Talk about what is vacuum aluminum plating?

Regarding vacuum aluminum plating, today I will talk with you about what is vacuum aluminum plating?Install the reel-shaped substrate to be coated on the unwinding station of the vacuum evaporation machine, pass the film through the cooling roll (evaporation roll) and wind it on the winding station, and use a vacuum pump to evacuate the evaporation chamber. the degree of vacuum reaches4×10-4MPaAbove, heating the evaporation boat to make high purity aluminum wire in1300~1400It melts and evaporates into gaseous aluminum at a temperature of ℃.Start the film winding system. When the film running speed reaches a certain value, open the baffle to deposit gaseous aluminum particles on the surface of the moving film substrate and cool it, forming a continuous and bright metal aluminum layer. The thickness of the aluminized layer is controlled by controlling the evaporation speed of metal aluminum, the moving speed of the substrate film, and the vacuum degree in the evaporation chamber. Generally, the thickness of the aluminized layer is250~500between.

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