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Talking about the misunderstanding of food packaging bags

Since the birth of plastic packaging bags, it has been loved by people for its lightness, cheapness and high strength. People have become accustomed to using plastic bags to pack things. There are many types of plastic packaging bags on the market, but there are countless types in terms of color, so what kind of good ones? Will we really choose plastic packaging bags? Although we can use plastic packaging bags almost every day, we often go into misunderstandings about the choice of plastic packaging bags. [Food Packaging] 1. The thicker and stronger the plastic packaging bag, the better. We often see all kinds of plastic packaging bags in our lives, so a strong packaging bag must be good. In fact, this is not the case. There are strict standards for plastic packaging bags, especially plastic bags used for food packaging. They must be produced by regular manufacturers and have qualified products approved by relevant departments. The quality of these plastic bags will be Guaranteed. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags Plastic bags for food must be marked with the words “for food”. Look into the light to see if the plastic is clean. Qualified plastic bags are clean and free of impurities, while inferior plastic bags will see dirty spots and impurities. The thickness of one side of the plastic bag must be more than 0.025mm. If it cannot reach this thickness, the state prohibits production and use. [Food bag] Second, the plastic packaging is colorful, how beautiful it is to choose colorful packaging. Although there are many kinds of colors of plastic packaging bags, we must be careful when choosing them. If the plastic packaging used for food items is used, considering the color alone, we must choose simple colors, so that at least it has less additives. Many dark-colo plastic packaging bags are often produced from recycled waste materials, and these plastic bags cannot directly contact food. 3. Plastic bags are reused. There are many families who have the habit of storing waste plastic bags. In fact, it is okay to store them as long as they are tidy and use waste plastic bags, but do not use waste plastic bags for food and skin, as it will be harmful to our health. cause chronic damage. [Food packaging bag]

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