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Talking about the precautions for the content printing of food packaging bags

In addition to the problems of the bag itself, food packaging bag printing should also pay attention to the printing content. Food packaging bags are mass-produced. If the relevant information is not printed, it is easy to cause unpredictable losses. The presentation of information is especially important. According to the food bags of the Food Safety Law, the behavior of food packaging bags 1. The prepackaged food or food additives sold are not labeled; 2. The prepackaged food label expresses or implies that it has the function of disease prevention or treatment; 3. The content of the food label is consistent with the actual The situation is not in line with the situation (for example, the production date is fake); 4. The imported prepackaged food operated by the company does not have Chinese labels. Qualitative Basis Article 42 of the Food Safety Law: “The package of prepackaged food shall have a label. The label shall indicate the following items: 1. Name, specification, net content, production date; 2. List of ingredients or ingredients; 3. . Manufacturer’s name, address and contact information; 4. Shelf life; 5. Product standard code; 6. Storage conditions; 7. Common name of food additives used in national standards; 8. Production license number; 9. Other matters that must be marked by laws, regulations or food safety standards. Let’s take a look at the cases in life. One day, the law enforcement officers of Qingdao Shinan District Food and Drug Administration inspected a restaurant in Shinan District, Qingdao City, and the restaurant During the inspection of the back kitchen operation room, it was found that some food seasonings stored on the food raw material shelf did not have Chinese labels on the outer packaging, and the source information and relevant bills of the above food raw materials could not be provided on the spot. The law enforcement officers took pictures and recorded the evidence on the spot. The person in charge approved the case and filed an investigation. After investigation, the parties purchased the above-mentioned food raw materials imported from South Korea from a dry goods store, with a total purchase amount of 4,775 yuan. Because the food raw materials used were condiments, the operating profit could not be calculated. According to the person in charge of the store : The above food raw materials are settled by the company in a unified purchase, no invoice is provided, only the delivery note is provided. Then the corresponding punishment is imposed, 1. The food raw materials that do not meet the food safety standards are confiscated. 2. A fine of 20,000 yuan. Similar to the above case There are so many. Although the amount of punishment is as small as a few thousand to hundreds of thousands, the information on the punishment process is public. If you lose credibility, you will lose the trust of consumers or the masses, and you will lose the most fundamental competitiveness and the most basic. Therefore, it is very important to choose a strong packaging bag manufacturer. In addition to providing relevant production qualifications, it can also give customers some high-quality suggestions. After all, they often do food-grade flexible packaging bags, and food safety aspects We have seen and walked through the knowledge and some invisible pits! Packaging bag manufacturers can not only make you a “perfect wedding dress”, but also make you a solid “shield”.

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