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Tea Packaging Bag

First: First of all, you need to know what kind of material you need to customize?If the general handbag is mainlyHDPEandLDPE.HDPEIt is high-density polyethylene, Chinese is high-density polyethylene, commonly known as low-pressure ethylene;LDPEIt is low density polyethylene, Chinese is low density polyethylene, commonly known as high pressure ethylene.HDPEThe performance is relatively hard, the application is relativelyLDPEmore extensive. Commonly used in vest bags, clothing bags, hospitalsCTbags etc.LDPErelative performanceHDPEIt is relatively soft and tough, and it is generally selected if there are many printing colors.LDPEmaterial.There are more types of materials for composite bags. The first thing to look at is that your bag is made of several layers of materials, generally there are mainly two layers and three layers. Common materials arePET OPP CPP PA PEAluminum foil matte film, etc.The most commonly used two-layer composite isPET+CPP(PE)andOPP+CPP(PE). The sealing flatness of the former is better than that of the latter, becausePEThigh temperature resistance thanOPPit is good. If there is a bag that needs a bag zipper, it is the choicePETmaterial. Another isCPPandPEComparison,CPPTransparency ratioPEBetter, but no toughnessPEit is good. These packs are used for items that do not require vacuum packing. Generally used in food packaging bags, etc. There is also a type of two-compoundPA+PE(CPP), which is used for sous-vide packagingPAThe toughness of the material is the strongest among these materials. Generally, this material is selected for the packaging of rice vacuum packaging bags and chicken wings. If the rice packaging bag is produced by our factoryPEIf the bag is reinforced, the fastness is stronger than that of the bags produced by other manufacturers on the market.30%, Of course, the vacuum rice bag also has three composites. If the three composites are added, a layer of matte film is generally added, the quality is better, and the appearance is relatively high-end, and the price is relatively high.Three-layer composite materials generally havePETcomposed of other materials, andPET+OPP+CPP(PE) most commonly used, this material can also be evacuated. Vacuum-packed tea bags are generally made of this material.PETDivided into aluminized and non-aluminized two. General packaging optionsPETAluminized can be used, if you need to have a fresh-keeping effect, you need to choose aluminum foil. So here are some differences between aluminized and aluminum foil. The price of aluminum foil is higher than that of aluminum foil.PETThe price of aluminum plating is much higher, and aluminum foil does not appear to bePETAluminized bright. However, some packaging looks like aluminum foil, but many are not aluminum foil, butPETThe combination of aluminized and matte film, the appearance effect is similar to that of aluminum foil, generally not professionals can not distinguish. The three-layer composite material is also generally used for the packaging of food and articles. Because there are many types of materials involved in the composite bag, if you can’t distinguish it yourself, it is best to send the sample. Because the material is not visible in the picture.Second, you must know the specifications and thickness of the products you make.The specification is easy to handle, just measure it with a ruler, and you need to use a professional tool micrometer to measure the thickness. However, general customers do not have this tool. If you do not know the thickness, please inform you of the size you want to order and the purpose of the packaging. We can estimate the thickness of the wire, because the thickness is customized. Some people like to be thick, and some people want thinner ones for cost considerations, so the specific decision is based on samples.Third: see if your packaging needs to be printed.If there is printing, you should send the artwork in layered format. The commonly used artwork in layered format has its ownphotoshop,Illustrator,CorelDRAWetc. software design. According to the suffix, there are.pdf,.ai.,.psd,.cdrand other formats, as long as it is a vector image. Here we explain that we do not provide design, because we are the production of packaging bags, not professional design, so the artwork you find a professional design company will look better. If the artwork is a little modified, we can help.Fourth: Because the product is customized, the final quantity will inevitably increase or decrease, and the final amount is calculated according to the final quantity. The general error is10%within. for example5Thousands of bags. The final quantity will be in45000-55000between.Fifth: transaction method: arrange the printing fee before making the goods (the printing fee is calculated according to the square area, which is based on the specific size and production method of your bag.The plate fee is paid to the plate making company. If you already have the plate, you can send it directly. Here is an explanation of why some customers say that the printing fee is so high, because the plastic bag is gravure, which is different from the products of carton and non-woven bag. This is the artwork engraved on the iron plate and then printed on the machine. The license fee needs to be paid when it is done for the first time. If the artwork does not change in the future, the reproduction fee will not be required). deposit for payment30%. [For example, if you do3The unit price of 10,000 is0.5yuan a bag, the edition fee is1500Yuan. Then you have to arrange6000Yuan. ] After all the bags are ready, notify the customer of the specific quantity [As mentioned above, there are some custom-made quantities, and the specific amount is calculated according to the final quantity], you can directly ship the goods after you arrange the balance. Of course, if you are not at ease, you can send a few samples to you for confirmation after you are done.

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