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Tea vacuum packaging bags can be replaced with environmental protection bags

Tea vacuum packaging bags can be replaced with environmental protection bagsThe Green Recycling Program will be implemented today, and tea boxes, plastic bottles and metal cans can be exchangedTear open the small packaging bag, pour out the tea leaves, throw the bag away, and start enjoying the fragrant tea. People are used to this seemingly elegant action. However, the discarded packaging bag has either polluted the tea, or will pollute the earth. Today is World Environment Day,xiLaunched a tea bag and tea box recycling program, calling for green tea consumption.Proceeds are used to help studentsIt is understood that the main content of this plan is: from today, citizens can take discarded tea bags or tea boxes to go toI Centre(i.e. Xiamen Digital Street Comprehensive Consulting Service Center, located on the west side of Dazheng Computer City) to redeem rewards,10small bags or1tea box can be exchanged for an eco-bag. These recycled small bags and boxes will be sent to waste recycling institutions, and the proceeds will be earmarked for student aid.Taisho Computer City Management Center said that the current recycling plan is still in the trial stage.6moon26In the future, this plan will be officially launched. At that time, it will cooperate with the Tianhu Community Neighborhood Committee to launch the corresponding plan.”Green Card Program”, as long as the community residents continue to participate in recycling activities, and the amount of materials accumulated to a certain level, they can obtain various physical rewards.Small packaging bags are easy to cause pollutionDazheng Computer City Operation Director”Lady of the City”He said that tea is a natural food and should not pollute the environment when enjoying it, but at present, tea packaging has a tendency to be overly luxurious and the pollution is becoming more and more serious.Many people in the plastics and tea industry in Xiamen agreed.”Many people think that packaging tea in small bags is hygienic and convenient, but this is not the case.”Lin Shengyang, president of Xiamen Plastics Industry Association, told reporters that at present, the small packaging bags of tea include the inner layer of fresh-keeping film and the outer layer of color-printed bags, most of which are made of ordinary plastic. After these small packaging bags are thrown away, they cause great pollution to the environment because they are not degradable.It is recommended to use no or less small packaging bagsWang Guiqing, general manager of Xiamen Tea Import and Export Co., Ltd. said,”Most of the teas exported by Xiamen Tea Company are degradable cartons and paper bags. Foreigners do not accept small bags and think it is not environmentally friendly.”For domestic products, Xiamen Tea Company also tries not to use small packaging bags, but to press250grams or125grams into large bags.Lin Shengyang also agrees to not use or reduce the use of small packaging bags. If they are to be used, degradable plastic or paper bags should be used. Lin Shengyang said that some consumers are worried that not using small packaging bags will be detrimental to the preservation of tea leaves. This kind of worry is unnecessary. In the past, there were no plastic bags, and tea was packed in paper or iron or tin cans, which would not deteriorate after a year or two.Mr. Du, general manager of Xiamen Xuchun Tea Company, also believes that if the fragrance-type Tieguanyin needs to be kept fresh, small bags must be used, and black tea and Dahongpao do not need to follow suit. Dosage adjustment is required.Reminder: Taisho Computer City’s green recycling program also includes plastic bottles, metal cans, and paper products. Starting today, citizens who bring these waste materials can also exchange rewards at Taisho Computer City.1plastic bottles or metal cans in exchange for1a balloon,10Each can be exchanged for a reusable bag.

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