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Technical points of card head packaging bags

What is a card head bag? What are the application areas of card head bags? What material is the card head bag generally made of? In this article, yltpacking Chinese packaging bag manufacturers will analyze it with you. The so-called card head bag means that a heat sealing line is pressed across the top of the bag and the packaging bag is divided into two parts: the card head and the product bag. Generally speaking, the head of the card is printed with relevant patterns, product names, production addresses, and relevant product ingredients. The product bag is used to hold related products. In the packaging industry, the card head bag is called a sub-mother bag. The bag type is shown in the figure below: The card head is commonly used in food packaging bags, cosmetic card head bags, stationery card head packaging bags and small accessories. Card pockets, etc. Commonly used printing materials are PP, OPP, CPP and other materials. The card head bag has also been continuously developed in the packaging field because of its obvious separation between the advertising part and the bag. Generally, product parameters and related advertisements can also be printed, so we usually also call them advertising bags. Customers can customize their own card head bag products according to their own requirements.

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