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Testing standards for instant noodle plastic packaging bags

The quality requirements of convenient packaging and materials mainly come from functional requirements, including safety factors such as oxygen barrier, moisture-proof, light-proof, sealing, peculiar smell (solvent residue), etc. At the same time, its printing and machine performances, such as mechanics, are also evaluated. performance, heat sealing performance, surface smoothness, printing quality, etc. In order to meet the above requirements, YLTpacking Plastic Bag Co., Ltd. selects reasonable packaging materials, and conducts quality inspection and control of incoming materials, production and processing, and delivery processes in accordance with relevant standards to ensure reliable product quality. Instant noodles are fried and dry foods, which are easily oxidized and deteriorated, softened and moldy when exposed to moisture. Once oxidized, fatty acids are likely to be produced, resulting in excessive acid value; and moisture will affect the taste of noodles, resulting in deterioration or even moldy, which in turn causes quality in the consumption process. Accidental solvent residue will produce peculiar smell, which can directly lead to consumers’ recognition and purchase of the product. Of course, the peculiar smell also exists in the film itself. The amount of solvent residue must be controlled from the beginning of packaging and processing. YLTpacking Plastic Bag Co., Ltd. Printing inks and solvents should be controlled from the beginning. Once the solvent residue exceeds the standard, it will cause serious harm to the health of consumers. Solvent purity and solvent residue detection are carried out by professional gas chromatograph, which completely eliminates potential safety hazards. Instant noodles are a product that is easy to absorb moisture and easy to oxidize and deteriorate. In addition to controlling the oxygen and water vapor resistance of packaging materials, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the packaging bag, and no air leakage should occur, so as to avoid product leakage or even product spoilage. . The poor sealing performance mainly comes from the sealing part, so the focus of the sealing test should pay attention to whether there is leakage in the sealing part. The beautiful printing of packaging is one of the factors that cause consumers to buy. The quality of packaging and printing is relatively high, and the amount of information should be large, the text should be fine, and the colors should be rich and uniform. The quality of product packaging and printing directly affects consumers’ trust in products. If you want to ensure a bright appearance quality, you need to control the printing quality. In color printing, manual color discrimination is required, which often results in different evaluations due to different lighting environments or printing quality problems due to metamerism. Equipping with standard light sources can effectively avoid such problems. The above content is expounded from the inspection of the barrier properties, sealing, (odor) solvent residues and printing quality of instant noodle packaging. At the same time, it is also necessary to carry out the testing of the machine performance, such as mechanical properties, heat sealing properties, surface smoothness properties, etc. Inspection control to ensure reliable product quality.

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