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The affinity of packaging bag design for products

Nowadays, packaging bag design has become one of the visual influences of product circulation, and even the main form of visual communication. Throughout the ages, people’s concepts and visual appreciation have been constantly updated and reformed under the influence of new concepts and trends, and the design of modern product packaging bags is also constantly changing.But at the level of visual expression of product packaging, subject to”green”Influenced by the theme elements of the development plan, the organization of the planning plan also specifically emphasizes the perspective of future planning that less is more beautiful, so as to obtain the most suitable visual effect.They also believe that packaging planning should be straightforward, because the mission of packaging planning is to attract and contact consumers in a short time through visual vocabulary such as color and appearance.Therefore, concise, vivid and meaningful symbols are widely used in various food packaging bag designs. After the concise packaging shape and container planning, they directly and clearly indicate the function and use of the product. This wonderful and unique arrangement brings new visual enjoyment to consumers.


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