The Art of Packaging: Assembling Nuts Snack Pouches with Zipper Bags

Table of Contents

Polyethylene (PE)Moisture resistant, flexible, and cost-effective
Polypropylene (PP)High clarity, good resistance to moisture and oxygen
Polyester (PET)Excellent barrier against oxygen and light, strong
Aluminum FoilProvides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, and moisture, extends shelf life
NylonHigh strength, good barrier properties, and puncture resistance
Biodegradable PLAEco-friendly, compostable, made from renewable resources
Biodegradable PBATBiodegradable, flexible, good mechanical properties
Kraft PaperNatural look, strong and durable, biodegradable and recyclable

These materials offer a range of properties that can be selected based on the specific needs of the snack packaging, such as environmental impact, strength, barrier qualities, and aesthetics.

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