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The benefits of aluminum foil mask packaging bags

With the improvement of the quality of life, more and more people begin to pay attention to their appearance. Many young and middle-aged people choose to apply some facial masks to maintain their skin. Therefore, the demand for mask bags is also increasing, and the requirements for packaging containers are also rising. In the past ten years, the development of the packaging bag industry has not received attention. People’s demand for packaging bags is only at the level of safety and containers. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags With the rise of the packaging bag industry, the performance requirements for packaging materials are getting higher and higher. The same is true for aluminum foil mask packaging bags, so how do we choose aluminum foil as one of the basic materials for mask packaging bags? Aluminum is a silver-white light metal. Extensible. Aluminum foil is often made into columns, rods, sheets, foils, powders, filaments and irregular shapes. In humid air, it can produce a layer of oxide film to avoid metal corrosion, which is extremely stable! The aluminum foil + PE composite mask bag has extremely stable chemical properties, non-toxic and tasteless, high barrier properties, high shading properties, and high moisture resistance. Low-temperature refrigeration can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, which is beneficial to protect the nutrients in the mask. It is lost and is well absorbed by human skin. Nowadays, people’s demand for packaging bags is not only at the level of containers. Under the premise of safety, it is what we need to consider to maximize the use of products. The advantage of choosing an aluminum foil mask bag is that the stable chemical properties of the aluminum foil mask bag can preserve the essence of the mask to the maximum extent under the condition of ensuring safety. So that the mask can be used more efficiently, so as to improve the experience of the product!

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