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The benefits of opening windows in food packaging bags

It is a common method to open the window of food packaging bags in the market. The purpose is to increase the visual impact of the product on the shelf and improve the competitiveness, stimulate the appetite of consumers and promote consumption, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. The biggest advantage of opening windows is that consumers can see the product itself most intuitively. If the color and texture of the product are better, opening the window is undoubtedly the icing on the cake, showing the best side of the product. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags 1. From the production point of view, opening windows is also a kind of cost saving. We all know that food packaging bags need to be printed. Compared with full-page printing, the larger the window, the more savings some printing ink. (Except for kraft paper window opening and aluminum washing process) 2. From the design point of view, window opening is not only limited to a certain area or a certain pattern, if used well, it will achieve some unexpected effects, which is conducive to increasing the number of consumers favorability and consumer desire. 3. From the practical point of view, the food packaging bag with the window can directly display the product itself and increase the selling point. What kind of products consumers want can be seen directly at a glance, eliminating some tedious steps and indirectly dispelling consumers’ concerns about products.

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