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The common food flexible packaging on the market – bag type introduction!

Three-side sealing is three-side sealing, which is made of two composite films to seal the three sides, leaving only one opening, so it is called three-side sealing. Generally used for packaging sheet products, granular products, stationery products, block products. The three-side seal has better air tightness, so it is often used in vacuum packaging bags, high-temperature cooking bags, rice vacuum packaging bags, facial mask bags and other food bags. The side seal has no edge, and there is a seal in the middle of the back, so it is called a back seal bag. There is no edge sealing on both sides of the back sealing bag, so the pattern printing is relatively complete, and the appearance is more beautiful than the three-sided sealing! The application range is also relatively wide, including dumpling bags, instant noodle bags, candy bags, condiment packaging bags and other back-sealed bags. The organ bag, the four-side sealing bag has a good three-dimensional effect. After packaging the product, it is a cube. The space of the packaging bag is fully used, especially for crispy food. Filling with nitrogen can not only preserve the crispy taste of the food for a long time, but also protect the appearance of the food from being damaged. destroy. It has achieved the effect of all kinds of flavors when it was just released! The unique four-side sealing bag design can effectively prevent bursting. The new printing process highlights the pattern design and trademark effect, and can design special trademarks or patterns, which has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. It can highlight the high-grade and distinctive shelf effect of the product. Four-side sealing bags are generally used for packaging powder food, nuts, dried fruits and tea products. The four-side sealing bag organ bag The organ bag is formed by folding the two sides of the ordinary flat bag into the inside of the bag body, and folds the original oval-shaped bag into a rectangular opening, because after folding, the edges on both sides of the bag are like The tuyere leaves, but it is closed, so this kind of bag is named the organ bag. Reduced floor space. The two sides of the original flat pocket are folded inward to reduce the exposure of the two sides, thereby reducing the footprint of the packaging bag. Nice packaging. The flat pocket has been revised, and the opening of the original oval bag has been changed to a rectangular shape, that is, saturated filling. It is a shape close to a cuboid. The printed content is much richer than that of the flat pocket, and various exquisite prints can be made on the organ bag. The pattern and text, such as the company logo and introduction, nutritional ingredients, etc. Organ bag stand-up pouch A stand-up pouch refers to a flexible packaging that has a bottom without any support and can stand on its own regardless of whether the bag is opened or not. It is a relatively novel packaging form, which improves product quality, strengthens the visual effect of shelves, is portable, convenient to use, fresh-keeping and sealable, etc. It is widely used in the packaging of food, agricultural products, electronic products, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, medical supplies and so on. Stand-up pouches are derived from ordinary stand-up pouches, stand-up pouches with suction nozzles, stand-up pouches with zippers, imitation spout stand-up pouches, and special-shaped stand-up pouches. The bag type is a new type of bag that has emerged in the past two years. The eight-sided seal has a good three-dimensional effect and stands stable. There are eight printing layouts, and there are enough places to describe the product or language product sales, and the global sales products are promoted for use. Unique appearance, can guard against counterfeiting, consumers can easily identify, is conducive to brand building, has a strong role in publicity and promotion. The exquisite appearance of the product is even more attractive to consumers; the eight-side sealing zipper bag is equipped with a reusable zipper, and consumers can re-open and close the zipper, which the box cannot compete with. It is often used for fine packaging of leisure food, health food, agricultural products, chemical products and other products. Eight-side sealing bag Special-shaped bag In addition to the above bag types, the bag type with irregular shape. The shape of the bag is a simulated object, or an abstract cartoon character. There are many types of special-shaped bags, which are mainly distinguished according to the bag type and function: such as self-made special-shaped bags, suction nozzle special-shaped bags, dried fruit special-shaped bags and so on. Self-built special-shaped bag suction nozzle special-shaped bag[food bag][food packaging bag]

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