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The contents of the high temperature retort bag will change color after sterilization

The retort bag is a plastic flexible package used to package retort food. According to the different temperature resistance, it is divided into a retort-resistant bag (≤100℃), a retort-resistant bag (121℃~125℃) and a high-temperature retort bag (≥135℃). After about 30 minutes of high temperature sterilization, the retort bag can greatly extend the shelf life of the food, so the production of the retort bag has developed rapidly. Retort bag delamination refers to the delamination phenomenon that occurs after the food is cooked. This problem has a certain latent potential, and hidden dangers have been buried during printing, compounding, and curing, but the problem generally occurs when food companies use retort bags, which often cause heavy losses to the company. The structure of the retort bag is generally: (inner layer) film such as CPP / glue / ink / nylon and other films (outer layer), delamination may occur between the interface of any of the above two materials, there are three interfaces, namely the inner layer Film/Glue, Glue/Ink, Ink/Outer Film. When the delamination phenomenon is slight, it is manifested as striped separation at the stressed part of the package, or it is easily peeled and torn by hand.

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