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The development of food vacuum bag manufacturers must have a macro concept

The packaging work must first master the knowledge and technology related to food packaging, as well as the ability and method to comprehensively use the relevant knowledge and technology to carry out packaging operations, and secondly, establish a standard system for evaluating the quality of food packaging. [Food vacuum bag] 1_ While promoting the development of commodity economy, the harm caused to the environment is also becoming more and more serious. According to statistics, the annual output of solid waste in cities above the county level in China is about 200 million tons, and the annual output of solid waste in the United States is about 150 million tons. , Japan is about 50 million tons, of which packaging waste accounts for about 1/3 of the total waste in developed countries, and China accounts for about 1/10, that is, 20 million tons per year. According to a survey in Japan, plastics in packaging waste account for 37.8% of the total, paper 34.8%, glass 16.9%, and metal 10.5%. In the surrounding environment where we live, white pollution caused by plastic can be seen everywhere. According to the degradation rate of plastic in nature, the city we live in will soon be surrounded by plastic and other packaging waste. To sum up, when human beings carry out product packaging, they should pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment, from simply solving the most basic functional needs of human beings to all aspects of human living environmental conditions, and finally make product packaging and the product itself together, Establish a symbiotic and harmonious relationship with people and the environment. Therefore, the packaging industry should strive for low consumption, high efficiency, energy saving and emission uction, so that products can be properly packaged, and at the same time, the recycling and proper disposal of waste packaging should be solved. As far as food packaging bags are concerned, we must first solve the problem of reasonable positioning of products and packaging, avoid flashy packaging, give priority to high-tech packaging technology and high-performance packaging materials, and minimize packaging on the premise of ensuring the use value of goods. Use materials and improve the reuse rate to uce the ash of comprehensive packaging; secondly, we should vigorously develop green bamboo shoots, ecological bamboo shoots, and study the recycling and disposal of bamboo shoot waste. food bags, food packaging bags

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