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The development trend of packaging bags

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, consumers are becoming more and more sensitive to packaging. Good packaging is a bridge to promote the communication between products and customers. We have to be sure that sometimes we also buy products because the packaging is too attractive. produce a strong desire to buy. Good packaging design actively utilizes changes in illustrations, colors, shapes, etc. Their value lies not only in visual aesthetics, but also in breaking the norms and conventions we are accustomed to and allowing products to stand out in a unique manner. Driven by the global e-commerce market, the global packaging demand is gradually increasing, which is one of the main packaging trends throughout 2019. The convenience of online shopping and the rise in the penetration of Internet services, especially in developing countries India, China, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, have lured customers to use online shopping platforms. With the growing popularity of online sales, the demand for packaged products for safe transportation of products has also greatly increased. Food Bags, Food Packaging Bags Yet the flexible packaging market continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the global packaging industry. Flexible packaging is also one of the packaging trends that more and more brands and manufacturers will start adopting in 2019 due to its premium quality, cost-effectiveness, convenience, practicality and sustainability. Consumers are increasingly preferring packages that require minimal time and effort to open, carry and store features such as zipper re-closures, tear notches, peel-off lids, hanging hole features and microwaveable pouches. Flexible packaging provides convenience to consumers while ensuring product safety. At present, the food and beverage market is the largest end user of flexible packaging, and the demand for flexible packaging in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries will also increase significantly in the second half of this year. [Aluminum foil bag][Packaging bag manufacturer]

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