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The difference between aluminized bags and pure aluminum foil bags and their customization tips

Aluminized bagFoil bagAluminum foil stand up pouchAluminized bags refer to packaging bags made of aluminum-plated materials. The exquisite patterns are designed by professionals, and the exquisite patterns are printed by the gravure printing process. The pure aluminum foil bag means that the material used is pure aluminum material. As you can see from the name, the two materials are different.There are also certain differences between the printing of aluminum-plated bags and the printing of pure aluminum foil bags. In terms of performance, the moisture-proof and cooling effects of pure aluminum bags are better than those of aluminum-plated bags.In terms of cost, the cost of pure aluminum bags is higher than that of aluminum plating. Pure aluminum bags have high purity and are soft materials, while aluminum-plated bags are composite materials and are brittle materials.It can be seen from the appearance that the pure aluminum bag is opaque, while the aluminized bag is retrospective. When facing the sun or a lamp, you can see the light above the aluminized bag.Both aluminized bags and pure aluminum bags are popular with customers. The bag type of aluminized bags is generally a yin and yang bag row type. This type of packaging bag adopts a transparent aluminized bag row type, but in order to clearly see the products in the bag, the designers have come up with a yin and yang structure, which can be seen through the yin and yang window. Seeing the product in the bag clearly not only improves the grade, but also makes the product well displayed. There is another kind of machine that uses fully aluminized bags. The most common type of packaging bags in our company are aluminum-plated tea bags, which can more effectively prevent light and moisture.

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