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The difference between aluminum foil packaging bags and composite packaging bags

Aluminum foil bag refers to a composite bag containing aluminum foil. According to the special properties of aluminum, dry compound aluminum and other high barrier materials to form aluminum foil packaging bag products.The main film substrates of composite bags include:External Printable FilmBOPABOPETBOPP, inner heat-sealable filmCPPPEand coextruded films. Aluminum foil is also one of them, and these materials are often used as the middle layer. According to requirements, these materials are combined into a composite film by glue!The common structures of aluminum foil packaging bags are:PET/PA/PEorCPPPPET/AL/CPPPA/Al/CPPPPET/PA0/Al/CPP. The basic features are:PESuitable for low temperature use,CPPSuitable for high temperature cooking, soPAare designed to increase physical strength and puncture resistance,alAluminum foil is designed to increase barrier properties, and milk tea seal shades are often used as an intermediate layerPETTo increase mechanical strength and hardness. The toy blister sealing machine is then used according to the requirements, combinations, various performances and transparency waterproofPVAHigh barrier coating to increase barrier properties【Oxygen and moisture resistance】.1. The aluminum foil bag has a metallic luster, the filling machine has a high reflective ability to heat and light, and the printing color of the aluminum foil bag is more delicate and bright.2. The aluminum foil bag has good isolation performance, strong protection performance, and has the characteristics of airtight and moisture-proof. Therefore, the blister sealing machine can effectively prevent the moisture absorption and gasification of the contents, is not easy to be invaded by bacteria and insects, has good shape stability, and is not affected by humidity changes.3. Partial aluminizing using masking or washout can obtain any pattern and any transparent window so that the customer can see the contents of the package. This is a great progress in the production technology of aluminum foil bags, and it is also a major feature of aluminum foil bags.

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