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The difference between automatic packaging roll film and packaging bag

Many customers who are making powder and granular product packaging bags for the first time will have a question. We obviously want to make packaging bags, but they roll me a film, which has caused some small misunderstandings. In fact, automatic packaging roll film is also a kind of packaging bag. It is the last process of making packaging bags. In short, there is one less bag-making process. The advantage is that the cost is lower than making bags, and many small bags can be made at the same price. We all know that the smaller the product, the more bags are needed, such as snack bags, candy bags, cereal bags, etc., so making automatic packaging rolls is an affordable option. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags Let’s first understand the production process of packaging bags, which is helpful to distinguish the difference between automatic packaging film and packaging bags! 1. The first is plate making. In the early stage, the source file and the size of the bag need to be confirmed, and then the plate is engraved on the copper plate. Second, printing, after the copper plate is engraved, it is printed on the machine. Third, curing, the purpose of curing is to dilute harmful substances to reduce residues and odors, such as glue and ink smell. Fourth, slitting, when we print, we usually print several bags on the same film to maximize the use of materials and save costs. , The purpose of slitting is to separate these printed bags. If it is made into automatic packaging roll film, it can be directly rolled up with roller paper. 5. Bag making, make the printed film into the desired bag shape, such as three-side sealing, four-side sealing, and eight-side sealing bags. I believe that after reading the above packaging bag production process, I have an understanding of the automatic packaging roll film, so how is the automatic packaging roll film made into a packaging bag? There is a black rectangular color block around the printing surface of each bag of the automatic packaging film, which we call “electric eye position”. When making packaging bags, our automatic bag packaging machine mainly distinguishes each according to the electric eye position. bag. Finally, the automatic packaging machine will wrap the food and make it into a food packaging bag. This eliminates the process of filling the product. Especially for powder, granular, colloidal and other products, it is much more convenient to use automatic packaging roll film than packaging bags. If you want to know more about automatic packaging film and packaging bags, you can contact our customer service directly!

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