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The difference between biodegradable bags and ordinary PLA stic bags

As we all know, PLA stic bags, PLA stic boxes, mulch and other PLA stic products in white pollution are necessities of life. In order to protect the environment, many scientific research teams have also tried their best to find materials and solutions to alleviate and reduce pollution and finally eliminate pollution, such as using biodegradable bags instead PLA stic bag. Under the general trend of protecting the environment, after China issued the PLA stic restriction order, large supermarkets now need to spend money to buy PLA stic bags, so that people can reduce the use of PLA stic bags and promote environmental protection, but the amount of 25 cents is not enough for the general public Not a big deal, the use of PLA stic products is still very large. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a convenient and degradable biological product to re PLA ce the traditional PLA stic bag, completely solve the white pollution, and truly protect the environment. Now many PLA ces in foreign countries have issued PLA stic ban orders, such as the United States, Japan, Australia and other regions have begun to use this kind of biodegradable products. Although biodegradable products have not yet formed a big climate, their development trend is very broad.

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