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The difference between biodegradable PLA stic bags and non-degradable PLA stic bags?

At present, degradable PLA stic bags have been favored by many customers, and the market is getting bigger and bigger. However, many people are still not familiar with the difference between degradable PLA stic bags and non-degradable PLA stic bags.First of all, it is distinguished from the material used in the material: the material used for the degradable PLA stic bag is PLA , PBAT, PBSPolymer materials such as non-degradable PLA stic bags arePE PLA stic material;In terms of production standards, degradable PLA stic bags meet national standardsGB/T21661-2008has reached environmental protection standards; while traditional PLA stic bags do not have to comply with this standard.From the appearance, the degradable PLA stic bag contains polylactic acid ( PLA ) The more ingredients, the stronger the pearlescent color on the surface of the product, and the smoother the hand feel. Polylactic acid has antibacterial and anti-mildew effects, and can be directly packed in food. PEThe transparency of PLA stic bags is better, but the transparency of degradable PLA stic bags can also meet most of the needs of use.Simple distinction Speaking of this, if you have any questions, you can directly contact the editor, the website has a phone number

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