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The difference between degradable PLA stic garbage bags and fully degradable PLA stic garbage bags

Degradable garbage bags are degraded by microorganisms that exist in nature, and are completely biodegraded into carbon dioxide or/and methane, water and mineralized inorganic salts of the elements it contains and new biomass PLA stic garbage bags, the composition is based on starch or starch-polyethylenePEThe material is raw material, compared to fully biodegradable garbage bagsThe degradation effect is unstable.Click to learn why degradable garbage bags are environmentally friendlyThe ingredients of fully degradable PLA stic garbage bags are mainly from corn, wheat, tapioca and other starches as the initial raw materials, which are refined into lactic acid bacteria and fermented into polylactic acid ( PLA ) biodegradable thermo PLA stic polyester, PBATIt belongs to thermo PLA stic biodegradable PLA stics and is a copolymer of butylene adipate and butylene terephthalate. These materials are synthesized by modificationIt is easy to be decomposed and re PLA ced by enzymes in various microorganisms in nature, and finally forms water and carbon dioxide. It does not pollute the environment. Under the action of microorganisms180decomposed into water and carbon dioxide.

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