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The difference between self-supporting aluminum foil bags and eight-side sealing aluminum foil bags

Do not rely on the support of foreign objects, relying on their own standing packaging bags, called self-supporting aluminum foil bags. This definition is easy to confuse self-supporting aluminum foil bags with eight-side sealing aluminum foil bags. The bottom is folded back and has two sealing edges, and there is a sealing edge on the left and right sides. After the bottom is opened, the aluminum foil bag can be self-supporting. Composite packaging bag, plastic packaging bag The bottom of the eight-side sealing aluminum foil bag is flat, and there are a total of eight sealing sides. There are four edge seals at the bottom plus two edge seals on each of the left and right sides, for a total of eight seals. It has five display sides: one on each side of the front and back, one on each side of the left and right, plus one on the bottom. In this way, the eight-sided aluminum foil bag carries more information and better displays the food and its brand story. Food bags, food packaging bags The bottom of the self-supporting aluminum foil bag is not flat, and the bottom of the eight-side seal is flat; the number of edges is different, the self-supporting bag has 4, and the eight-side seal has 8; the number of display surfaces is also different, the self-supporting bag it There are only 2, and the octagonal seal has 5. The self-supporting eight-side sealing bag is more superior than the self-supporting bag, with a three-dimensional sense and stability; the price is relatively expensive, and the technical requirements are also high. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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