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The difference between vacuum packaging bags and vacuum packaging bags

In my personal opinion, there is no difference between vacuum packaging bags and vacuum packaging bags. In fact, there is no difference, just different names for vacuum packaging bags in the industry.Vacuum packaging bag refers to a packaging method in which the product is added to an airtight packaging container, the air inside the container is removed, and the sealed container reaches a predetermined degree of vacuum.The vacuum packaging bag is actually a kind of decompression for the packaging bag. The air inside the packaging bag is extracted and sealed, so as to achieve the effect of low oxygen, so that microorganisms cannot survive in this environment, so as to achieve the effect of freshness and quality preservation. At present, some plastic packaging bags with vacuuming are used in the market, such as aluminum foil bags and inner packaging bags. It has a wide range of functions, but the use of vacuum packaging bags for fresh fruit is relatively small. What is the reason? Because fresh fruit is a fresh food, it is still undergoing respiration, and high hypoxia can cause physiological diseases. Therefore, vacuum packaging bags are used for fruit. lessIn the selection of materials for vacuum packaging bags, energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials should be selected, because they are products that are in direct contact with food. Do not use inferior materials in order to save costs.

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