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The firmness of plastic packaging bags has nothing to do with the size

When customizing plastic packaging bags, there are many different understandings, which is very troublesome. For example, many people think that the firmness of a plastic packaging bag is related to its size, and then deliberately control the size of the packaging bag during production to improve the firmness of the packaging bag. In fact, this method is wrong. Why is it so Say? The following yltpacking packaging will give you an analysis. The firmness of the plastic packaging bag has nothing to do with the size. No matter what the size of the packaging bag is, the firmness of the plastic packaging bag can only be related to the material used, not the size and specification! As we all know, when customizing plastic packaging bags, many raw materials can be used, and each raw material has its own characteristics. For example: good plastic raw materials have better molding effect, and the produced plastic packaging bags are stronger and have stronger carrying capacity. On the contrary, if some cheap raw materials are used, the plastic packaging bags produced are very easy to be damaged, and the degree of strength may not meet the standard. Therefore, no matter how the plastic packaging bag manufacturer reduces the size of the packaging bag, it cannot change the weakness of the packaging bag. Only by controlling the material can the firmness of the bag be fundamentally changed.

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