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The first sense of packaging is how customers feel about the product – packaging bag printing

To put it bluntly, the external packaging is the first sense of product sales, which plays an aesthetic role. To improve product quality. [Packaging bag printing] So, how much influence does the first sense of packaging have on the customer’s perception of the product? In many cases, the first impression of the packaging will become an important basis for consumers to identify and select products. The visual communication function of packaging to the internal product is an important factor that determines whether the product can be sold. Therefore, this function of packaging is often exaggerated and emphasized too much, excessive packaging or false packaging that exaggerates the advantages of internal products. , There is still a big market now. Packaging has the function of visual communication, which can guide consumers to correctly identify and purchase goods, so as to complete the convenience brought by packaging. Only by correctly using the visual communication function of packaging to design well Our packaging can make packaging better serve our lives. The visual communication content of packaging includes not only color, text, graphics, shapes, etc., but also packaging materials, texture, texture, processing technology, etc. There is a correct judgment. The visual and tactile sense of packaging is caused by the packaging material, texture and surface texture of the packaging material. Its different feelings convey different information and judgments to us. In packaging design, the design of material and texture is used to achieve our packaging requirements. The content of the information conveyed is a subject to be studied, that is, the introduction of the visual and haptic concept in the packaging design. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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