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The general preservation method of Nuts packaging bags

Nuts, also known as Nuts, has a long history of planting in China. It has been listed as one of the “five fruits” since ancient times, and has the reputation of “natural vitamin pills”. Nutss are rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin P, trace calcium, and various amino acids, so they are widely loved by people. [Nuts Packaging Bags] 1. The quality problems that often occur in Nutss As a high-value food, its products and processed products are more and more widely infiltrated into people’s daily life, but Nutss are prone to the following problems: (1 ) Oxidative rancidity and discoloration: Nutss are rich in protein and fat, and their processed products are prone to oxidative rancidity in the aerobic state during processing and during storage and circulation, resulting in uced nutritional value; the rich vitamin content is also easily oxidized, and its appearance is changed from the original. The bright has faded. (2) Loss of aroma and other flavors: a large part of the aroma components contained in Nutss are composed of easily oxidizable organic substances, and oxidation reactions occur in the presence of oxygen, and the change of components causes the loss of the original aroma and gradually produces peculiar smell; At the same time, the water of the Nutss itself is gradually lost, causing the Nuts meat to be dry and the taste to decrease. (3) Growth of microorganisms: Nutss are rich in nutrients and have a relatively high water content, which is easy to breed microorganisms, resulting in mildew or moth-eaten, which poses a great harm to human health. 2. The general packaging and preservation method of Nutss Nutss are basically picked around September every year. After raw material selection → grading → blanching → drying → softening, most of the grading packaging enters the supermarket for circulation. The packaging methods used generally include ordinary packaging, vacuum packaging and deoxidizer anaerobic packaging. The circulation period of Nuts products is basically about twelve months. After 3 to 5 months of production, the Nutss in ordinary packaging begin to appear dark in color, lose their aroma, and even become mildewed and moth-eaten. The process of oxidative deterioration is slowed down, and after December, the nutritional value in Nutss is very low. In these two packaging methods, oxygen can continuously penetrate into the bags through the packaging bags, and the nutrients in the Nutss are continuously oxidized and lost, and the flavor is lost. , microorganisms can breed, product quality deteriorates, and the problem cannot be solved fundamentally, and deoxidizer anaerobic packaging solves these problems. 3. The fresh-keeping effect of deoxidizer packaging on Nutss Deoxidizers are also called oxygen absorbers, deoxidizers, free oxygen absorbers, and deacidification agents. They can oxidize with free oxygen and dissolved oxygen at room temperature, and are the active substances of deoxidizers. It chemically reacts with oxygen, thereby absorbing the oxygen in the airtight food packaging bag, ucing the oxygen concentration in the bag to below 0.3%, and maintaining a relatively anaerobic state for a period of time. Under such anaerobic conditions, it can prevent the occurrence of insect pests, inhibit the growth and reproduction of aerobic microorganisms such as mold, prevent the oxidation of oil and fat, prevent the oxidative deterioration of nutrients and the oxidative discoloration of food, and maintain the freshness of food. The use of deoxidizers also has the following advantages: (1) It is not directly added to food and does not affect food safety; (2) It does not affect food flavor and has a wide range of applications; (3) The product has high safety, even if it is eaten by mistake. Will harm the human body; (4) easy to use, low price. food bags, food packaging bags

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