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The importance of vacuum bag thickness control!

The importance of vacuum bag thickness control Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags 1. The thickness and thickness uniformity of the aluminum foil bag of the product mainly depend on the thickness and uniformity of the single-layer film before the vacuum bag is compounded, that is to say, control the single-layer vacuum bag. The thickness quality of the film is the condition for obtaining the thickness quality of the qualified product. 2. The barrier property of vacuum food packaging film is closely related to the thickness of the vacuum packaging bag film (usually proportional to the thickness), and the vacuum bag film with good uniformity can achieve uniform and stable barrier properties. 3. The thickness uniformity of vacuum food packaging film directly affects the mechanical stretching function of the film. The vacuum bag film with good thickness uniformity can achieve better printing and overprinting accuracy and composite quality. 4. For the vacuum bag film of the same inner layer material, if the thickness is high, the heat sealing temperature will be high, and vice versa. That is to say, the composite vacuum bag film with uniform thickness can achieve uniform sealing quality and prevent partial heat sealing failure.

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